A little info about me

I live in Tomball, Texas and have been doing metal work for almost 25 years; however I started working with metal while in high school working in a welding shop making industrial tanks and pipes (not very artistic).  I've always had a passion for art and just about anything that is creative, including videography,  photography and music (I'm also a drummer in our church praise band and in a band called Cross Eye Cat).  I attended Texas A&M University earning a degree in electrical engineering and work in the hi-tech industry.  My technical background and my love for art have combined well, allowing me to blend technology and creativity in my work.  I have a modern CNC plasma cutter and a chipped and beaten anvil dating back to the 1850's that has been in my family for many generations.      I enjoy bringing my pieces to life and work hard to create something truly unique and of high quality.  Metal working is a hobby business for me and a stress relief from the daily grind.   God has blessed me with a loving wife that supports my passion and three beautiful daughters.  Thanks again for visiting my site and let me know if you have an idea that we can work on together.                                                                                                       

God's Blessings,